Revisiting Genesis – The Beginning and Background to My Story


This one is longer than I anticipate the average show Will be.  I am hoping to Keep episodes from 30 minutes to an hour depending on subject Matter of the Story.  Today I was just really excited to get this going and start tall King about all the crazy things I’m war King on in My microcosm!!!

Features of today’s Show:

  1. What’s happening now?  What am I war King on now?  Where are We at in the Story, and how does it begin?
  2. Tall King about Notices of Criminal Liability Served upon offices and representatives of the Canadian government (Ontario Works et al., and potentially Canada’s acting Registrar General, Francois-Philippe Champagne in the very near future!!!).
  3. Begin war King our Way through My Story and the original Cestui Que Vie Trust document filed with Canada’s Attorney General on Jan. 19, 2017…  We Will pick up where We left off here in the next episode.

Other crazy things going on in My microcosm and discussed briefly on this episode:

  1. A couple of corporate ‘teasers’ I am tall King about are My new lawsuit against Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation, finalizing details with My Father’s Estate, and enforcing the outstanding default Judgments already awarded against Merovitz Potechin LLP and his criminal cabal client, National Bank of Canada.

Friends I Trust with awesome, informative podcasts of their own:

Documents reviewed on the call:  My Story


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