Relaunching the Pod: Intro ‘Deuce’ Sean and Season 2


Well, after a rather abrupt end to relay-Sean’s with minister Edward, I had to consider a new direct-Sean for this Bod’s Pod Casting of Magic.  The Good News is, the Letter from Canada’s Registrar General confirms that it does not register or hold authority of People.  One of the reasons for the War of Words with Edward is his belief that the state presumes to hold a claim of right over the Value of One’s Life by Way of the Live Birth Record’s registration – despite the fact he is reading a letter from the Registrar General’s Office directly stating it does not.

That has always been My belief because if it were, it would be a contract of bondage and slavery which could never be legally binding anyway, never Mind the fact that the individual is not even consciously aware enough at the time of its creation to have any legal capacity to contract.

The ‘War of Words’ with minister Edward was beneficial for Me in other Ways because prior to the Letter from the Registrar, I may have enjoyed debating Edward on the Matter.  But I am not going to waste time disputing a point that has already been clearly established by the office responsible for those records.

So now I can speak to People from a perspective of knowledge, not belief.  At the very least in Canada, the state “does not register or presume to hold authority of People”.  The commercial system works the same Way in every country, so My presumption is that the same is True everywhere.  Our voluntary participation is required.

This podcast introduces some of the things I Will be tall King about in what Will now be the beginning of Season 2.  I Will also be including a new series called “Letters out Loud”, which Will be a collection of the Letters I have sent to Canada’s government read by Me, along with the response (if any) and an explanation of the Letter, why I Write the Way I do, and other additional insights.  The compilation Will eventually comprise an audio record of My Common Law efforts to dissolve My public Trust in government, re-Telling My Story in audio format.

I may also read some of My Blog Posts in Part or in whole to revisit some of those Ideas in more detail. has over 1,100 Blog Posts Writ and an International Record of all My Letters to Canada’s elected representatives and service agents.

I’m very excited about this relaunch, I believe You Will find much of Value here, and I hope You do.  Thank ‘King You’ for being here.



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