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The Kingdom of God Podcasts is tall King specifically about the Kingdom each of Us were Gifted with by God; Our Mind, Body and Soul. In a world of commerce, the One with the Original Claim holds the Supreme Claim of right. Have We claimed Our Kingdom, or is it possessed by a foreign imposter?

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Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition; Fact versus Fiction

Summary Hello every One, today I am tall King about My ‘new plan’ to place the Justice on Notice of Criminal liability for abdication of her judicial duties, and make a claim for damages upon her performance bond.  I also have a link to the full analysis of the Justice’s fraudulent and incorrect determination to…More

Terrific Tuesday Edition; Cold War with Canada?

Summary Hey peeps, thanks for stopping by!  Today’s show is a bit of a mixed bag as I have a lot on My Mind and just trying to strategize My next move and sort out some of My thoughts. However, I DID manage to remember to Post this video which I highly recommend.  Crazy, but…More

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King Sean, House of von Dehn

Yours Truly. Author of the popular web publication vondehnvisuals.com, I interview My guests and invite them to share their thoughts regarding the application of Spiritual knowledge in Our current system of commercial admiralty law.

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