The Kingdom of God

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The Kingdom of God Podcasts is tall King specifically about the Kingdom each of Us were Gifted with by God; Our Mind, Body and Soul. In a world of commerce, the One with the Original Claim holds the Supreme Claim of right. Have We claimed Our Kingdom, or is it possessed by a foreign imposter?

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Episode 3, Agreement Versus Argument with minister Edward

Summary Episode 3 of the Kingdom of God Podcast.  I get some constructive criticism from minister Edward on some of My Ideas and philosophies, We discuss the power of a publication with the local newspaper, My unusual use of capital Letters and perhaps most importantly, how to move forward in agreement rather than argument.  I…More

Episode 1, Genesis

Summary Genesis – In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The concept-Sean of My new Pod-Cast, The Kingdom of God.  I am tall King with minister Edward on how it all begins in Man’s fiction and how to Live in the real world.  We are each…More

Our Hosts

King Sean, House of von Dehn

Yours Truly. Author of the popular web publication vondehnvisuals.com, I interview My guests and invite them to share their thoughts regarding the application of Spiritual knowledge in Our current system of commercial admiralty law.

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minister Edward

minister Edward is highly proficient n his knowledge of the Bible and its relevance to Our current system of Law or the Matrix of Man. Helping Us find Our Way out of Babylon.

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